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Loadcentral Retailer App is an android app or mobile application which is use to dispense load to different networks. This is made for easy loading of retailers. Using this app you don't have to type, memorize or key in the different product codes Because these products are listed by category. The only thing you only need to do is to choose what product you are going to sell, and then the mobile number of your customer. It also has the capability to update product list anytime when there are new products available.

Note: Currently, this app can be only used by retailers under Rhaymand Tatlonghari dealership.

Product Highlights

  • Sell E-Load, E-Pins, Games, and Satelitte Products to all networks
  • Update Product List and Branch List
  • Loadwallet deposit / transfer verification (7 Methods)
  • Balance Inquiry, Change Password, Reset SMS / WEBTOOL Password
  • Customer Service Support (Loadcentral Representative and Dealer)
  • Webtool Basic Settings (LOCK / UNLOCK / ACCESS DENIED)

Basic Usage

  • Select Category (ELoad Products, Call Cards, etc.)
  • Select Product
  • Enter Mobile Number of Buyer
  • Click Sell Product
  • Wait for Loadcentral Confirmation text

For PIN Based Products like Call Cards and Game Products you can specify quantity, default is 1. Maximum is 5 per transaction.
For Eload GMXMAX and TMXMAX you must specify the amount from 15 to 150.

Retailer under Rhaymand Tatlonghari dealership Yes
Android Device Yes
OS Version Android 4.0+ (Ice Cream Sandwich)
Single SIM / Dual SIM Yes. If Dual Sim, Retailer SIM must be on SIM Slot 1 (SIM1)
Internet Connection Required on app configuration (One time only) and on updating product list
Require load when sending request Yes, any load can be use (recommended unlitxt / unli all net)
Storage Atlease 5mb
Mobile Security Go to settings - security - unknown resources (check allow installation of app from unknown resources)

Screen Shots